3D Tabs (Fusion 360) Tips

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been trying to learn this for a few weeks, but haven’t gotten a lot on the Fusion 360 forum, so figured I’d try here.

I’m looking to mill 3D parts on the X-Carve, and have succesfully gotten the Fusion>X-Carve workflow to work well. What I’m STUCK on, is trying to get some kind of 3D tab solution.

I know some people recommend double-sided tape, but that isn’t ideal for me.

Does anyone have experience with either:

  1. successfully creating 3D tabs in Fusion 360 or
  2. Know of some other software with an X-Carve post processor that has 3D tabs?

Thanks very much.


Can you give us an example of what you want to carve?
Different projects may desire different type of tabs/hold-downs/alignemnt pins.

3D tabs, make them a separate solid and generate tool path around them.

Alignment pins:

Clever flipped alignment profile:

hey @HaldorLonningdal thanks for the reply.
That video is amazing!

I figured out what I was trying to yesterday / today… Super basic but this quick video shows how I modelled in 3D tabs and just border to be smaller than the end of the tabs.