3D Toolpath issues

I am relatively new to the CNC world and am still trying to figure some things out.

I have been trying to carve a set of 3D Naval Aviator Wings but the end result is very rough. Here is what I have done:

-Imported the 3D file into V-Carve Pro.
-Used the 3D Finishing Toolpath with an 1/8" endmill bit, a 1/8" ball nose bit and a 1/32" taperd ball nose bit. (All leave a visable tool path in the final product)
-Saved as G-Code and imported it in Easel for cutting

How do I get a smooth finished product that requires minor sanding?

What is your stepover for the tapered ball nose/finishing path?

Still trying to figure that one out, but I have used .08.

Looks like I got rid of the file that I was going to reference, but that seems high. I want to say I was using 4 or 5%

If that step over is 0.08 inches then that is too much. Try 8% or less.
8% with 1/16" ball nose is 0.004 inches step over, much finer result than 80 thousandths.

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