3D walkthrough?

Can someone please walk me through how the heck to use my X-carve 1000mm to carve a basic 3D carve just so I can get the hang of it? I can read all kinds of stuff but I am way better when I can get someone knowledgeable to actually show me.

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What software are you using?

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I’ve only used Easel Pro. I’ve only been carving for about 7 months now.

Easel does not do 3D. The machine can do 3D with the use of another program for your design work.

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Yeah I’ve read that multiple times. I just need someone to walk me through which program I should use that works best and how to use it.

What have you tried?

…and what kind of projects do you wish to do?

Nobody can really show you. A 3d drawing program has a learning curve itself. Pick a 3d drawing program and learn how to use it. Once you have a 3d object drawn, then you would convert that to Gcode and import it into Easel to cut out. I started out on Rhino3d because it was " the" program at the time. Fusion360 seems to be that program today. There are others to choose from.

So I draw in Rhino and use Meshcam to create the Gcode. I use the Gcode sender with my Xcarve to make the parts.

Here is a thread in another forum that you can see part of the process:

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check out vcarve pro , it’s more user friendly.

VCarve Pro Product Page | Vectric

download it try it out ,