3D Walleye out of Black Walnut

Roughing pass is complete, finishing pass is underway! Will post when complete.


that will look cool…

can’t wait to see the end result!

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I hope things went well.

Well it’s complete, the 3D effects are not as dominate as I would hope and are kind of hard to see. Not sure if there is a way to pull those parts out a little in Vectric…

I created a time lapse of the finishing pass, 4 hours down to 81 seconds. Will post when I get it cleaned up and some finish on it.


I would say it turned out pretty good.

Love the time lapse. Looks like the finish took off more than needed? How did you zero your Z?
Looking forward to the finished piece.

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I use the trifecta for zeroing, so I zero using that for roughing pass, then put in finishing bit and re zero the Z axis

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Is that like the triquetra?


Lol whoops , exactly like that…

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Everything carved in walnut looks nice :wink: and I think as soon as you put finish on the 3D effect will pop more. You can raise the z height of the model in vcarve to get a more drastic 3D effect.

Still a nice piece of art

When I get a minute I’ll pull up the settings I used and post a screen shot.

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It be ok if I shoot you a PM when I get home from work tonight to ask few questions

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Mmmm. Screenshots… i miss the days of layong my monitor on a photocopier. Then, i found the print screen key. Game changer.


Was at work , cannot connect my shop laptop to my works wireless internet… therefore you get a picture from my phone.

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Here is after some sanding and a coat of finish, the finish did help bring out some of the details.

Now I gotta figure out what to mount it to.


looks good. the walnut is nice

Final product. Added some laser engraving to the project as well.