3D workflow and software suggestions

I have used Momento to build 3D objects from ca. 25 images of things. Then made these into objects with quads in the Export option of Momento. These will import into Fusion 360. I can then play with these if I convert to T-spline from Mesh object and end up with things that I can generate G-code from. A flat pass and a couple of fine passes with Ramp and Morphed spiral. This G-code then goes into UGS: Universal Gcode Sender to my X-Carve.
OK… so this works, but is long and slow.
The worst bit is that great 3D models in Momento get seriously degraded when going to the quad object and also from the MESH to T-spine in Fusion 360 so that I can manipulate and refine things for milling.

Question: Does anyone know any programs that will generare 3D from images in a format that can be used to generate G-code without all this loss of 3D resolution?

What workflow are you all using for 3D?