3Dtek CNC Router

Hi, New to the Forum & Very New to my CNC Router. It is a 3Dtek xyz supplied here in the UK. My question is does anybody have experience of this machine & more importantly is it possible to use Easel software on this unit? Thank You.

I can’t really answer your question. Looking at their website, it looks a lot like an x carve. You can always use Easel to generate the Gcode and run that code using the software that came with your router. The worst case scenario would be that you download a Gcode Sender and use that in conjunction with your machine. I don’t use Easel, but I use the Universal Gcode Sender to run the X controller.

It’s a GRBL based machine. It will work with Easel.

Thank you Ryan. In retrospect I think the problem for me is that my wrinkly old brain is having problems of getting my head around the vagaries of programming. Maybe a few more hours on tutorial sites will solve my problems.