3rd party machine support?

Hey All,

Are there any 3rd party machines that work out of the box with Easel Pro? I’m looking for a bit higher end machine, spindle, ball screw, etc, but want to be able to use Easel Pro to create and carve still.


Of course you can always export G-Code and use the sender of your choice. I run a Techno-Isel and this is how I have always used Easel.

There was a fellow who bought one of the very small hobby engravers and replaced its stock Arduino clone with a real one that he flashed with some firmware (GRBL I think). He claimed that it ran fine under the control of Easel’s web software. It should be possible for you to do something similar.

If you haven’t chosen your new big machine, you might consider building a Gatton CNC. The plans and the kits are quite flexible with regard to the electronics and it might be possible for you to re-use the electronics that already drive your X-Carve.

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Any GRBL-basef controller can be used directly from Easel.

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I have a Shapeoko and I create projects in Easel and save the GCode. I use Carbide Motion as my sender to operate my CNC. What you want to ensure is that your CNC supports GCode instead of Mach3, the other popular choice for controlling a CNC.

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I use a bobscnc E4 and just export the gcode and open it in UGS and it runs fine, haven’t done too much at the moment but I’ve used custom end mill bits and v bits and everything seems to be going good.