3RD Paying Job

The one thing I learned is that people want to remember their love ones. I had been given a JPG picture. I converted it to a monochrome BMP picture and the edited it with MS Paint. I finally came up with this.

Lessons Learned: you have to edit detailed lines so that .062 bit will cut. I had to edit file to reduce the number of nodes. Inkscape has a limited number that it will accept. Do not know how to find out how many nodes a file has. I had to edit area so it was solid black or white. MS Paint will crash when the picture reaches acertain size. I found this out by using file detail size. The picture was suppose to be 66K and it read several megabyte.

try paint.net http://www.getpaint.net/

dis you carve it yet?

have you tried jason dories halftoner yet?

reduce the nodes in a bitmap?