4” (100mm) dust hose on to suckit

Hey, has anyone managed to fit a 4” (100mm) hose on to one of the first Gen suckit dust boots?

I’d like to connect the x carve up to my main dust collector as it’s way quiter than a shop van system, but to get a good suction I think ( please correct me if I’m wrong) that I should keep the largest dia pipe for all of the run.

I don’t have access to a 3D printer which I did wonder about printing an adapter to glue on to the suckit base plate and the swan neck out and up with a suitable size connection. For the 4” pipe.

Looking for a bit of inspiration.



I don’t have a suckit dust collector, but I use one of these on my setup. It might work for you.


Would it be very detrimental to run a 2.5” hose from the top of my enclosure to the suckit and the rest of the run in 4”?

Their is a offset 4" reducer that works found at woodworking supply places

I purchased the Suckit “Direct Suction” boot to accommodate a CNC4Newbie Z axis upgrade. The Suckit boot connection (2.276") is larger than the outside diameter of the X-Carve stock connector (1.748"). I created a simple adapter ring that can be loaded into Easel if you’re not looking to connect to a 4" hose.