4 by 8 X and Y axis

HI there, I own a 1000mm xcarve, the things is I wish I could make it bigger, big enough to cut in a 4by8 DMF sheet, the thing is that the main concern I’ve is regarding is in x-axis because there are no Wide MakerSlide larger than 1000mm, so any of you have attempted to make that larger??

I’ve thought that if I do weld the pieces together might work, but I am not that sure because it is aluminum though.

If someone has been able to do so I would love to hear about that, or if there is a way to having a better gantry within a cheap option that will be wonderful because.

You can combine pieces of makerslide along the y-axis as long as you want, as long as you support it at regular intervals.

For the x-axis, you cannot support along the length. The longer you make it, the more it will sag. There is a reason 1000mm is the longest available. Any longer and you need a different, beefier, thicker design.

I see, is there like an option that you could suggest, like do you know of anything that can be used to make the gantry more sturdy?