4 ft. X 4ft. X-Carve

I am in North America and I keep running into the same problem. My X-Carve is a 1000mm machine and it will only handle sheets of 1000m deep X 940mm wide. But standard stock is consistently 4 Ft. X 4Ft. I understand that going to 8ft. is dramatic and will cause sagging issues. But let’s face it. 4 ft. is not much more than 1m and the extrusions that are used should be good for just a few more inches. Inventables should consider doing a 4ft. version even if just for North American customers. All of the sheet supplies here seem to offer 4X4 stock. “Almost” only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Sorry, my X-Carve can’t do it. I am effectively limited to 2 ft. stock. If Inventables decides to do it, they should add an extra 60mm width so that the waste board is a full 48 inches wide. Of course, you still won’t be able to cut to the edges.

Buy or build something else rather than an X-Carve. There are lots of options out there to choose from.

Many people have bought the longer rails and have expanded the size of their X Carve. You might also consider building a Gatton CNC https://www.davegatton.com/ You might be able to keep some or all of your electronics.

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Where can you get the longer V-Rails and Makerslide?

I second the Gatton CNC. That is what I have. Build it to the size you want

The Gatton looks like a good choice for woodworking. I watched parts of his videos.

I don’t cut a lot of wood. I mostly cut sheets of thin plastic but I need high precision. Since the Gatton parts don’t have pre-drilled holes and you have to do that yourself, you will lose some precision since those will mostly likely have to be drilled free-hand. Really, the holes should be drilled in the same CNC program so that all of the cuts and holes will be precisely registered relative to one another.

plenty of people cut metal and other stuff on them… only non predrilled holes are the ones that are for the rails to mount to the table and gantry… drill holes into the angle and then use that as a reference. The Gatton is a tank… I would like to see someone ride the gantry of an XC.