4 Tile Project

I am cutting the letter G out of a piece of 1/4" Birch Plywood. The letter is roughly 9 x 24.5" Since I want to cut the depth cut through in a few passes, would you run the whole project through each cut pass or cut each tile complete before going on to the next tile?

I would run all processes making sure to use tabs to keep things together till tiling is complete.

I have a really cool tiling trick I use with reference pins in the wasteboard to make alignment perfect every time. I would be interested how you keep you project aligned and referenced for tiling.

Hi Robert Thanks I am a bit new at this so are you saying to run all 4 Tiles with a backer board through at the first depth we will say 1/8” at once, then run through the 4 Tiles again at 1/8” for the finish?

One of the reps here mentioned when tiling to complete each tile before moving on th the next but I believe that was on a project where I was using 2 different router bits.

I secure a piece of wood with 2 clamps as a fence and square it and I use 2 other clamps to secure the work piece. I mark each tile distance from the 0,0 point. Your thoughts?

You would want to move the workpiece as little as possible.
Run every single bit for tile 1 before moving the workpiece. and repeat for each additional tile.

I should have been more clear in my answer.

I would run all tool paths to complete each tile then move the piece.

If you have 2 sided cuts, then use a tool path to place reference pins on side one, then you will be able to locate them for side two by using a tool path on your wasteboard with matching pins.

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