40" x 44" on a 1000mm X carve

Tiling on a 1000mm can be done, was a bit challenging to get the file setup correctly. I rotated each panel so the X/Y was always in the lower left corner of the machine. 40" x 44" Just needs some clear coat and will be done. Keeping my fingers crossed the clear coat goes on well as I have had issues in the past that it orange peels on me. I rotated the ring for the edge so they joints did not overlap. FYI painting acrylic paints over gloss black SUCKS!



Looks good Steve. Looks like you put a lot of time into this one.

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Another amazing job! Thanks for sharing and pushing the standard higher.

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How did you join all of the pieces together once you were complete?

the last picture shows the back side, crown staples and glue