48v stepper motors

I have a Cnc that is 6’ x 12’ table with 48v stepper motors. I want to use the x carve system. Is it possible

You mean the X-Controller? Probably not.
You could build a grbl controller, though.

Is that the voltage of the previous controller?

The power supply is 48 volt I assume the motor are 48.I don’t know what Grbl is.

Voltage rating is not really important for steppers controlled by drivers like those in a CNC. The voltage supplied does matter. The x controller runs on 24v. You won’t get much out of those steppers.

Grbl is the firmware that the X-carve and many other similar machines run on.

What exactly do you want to do?

The power-chain in a traditional stepper arrangement is:
PSU -> Controller -> Stepper Driver -> Stepper motor

In your case this is:
48V PSU -> Controller rated for 48V input -> Stepper driver rated for 48V input, which ‘chop’ the voltage to retain a current limit -> stepper motor

Any controller and stepper driver capable of handling input of 48V can use your PSU. As long as the stepper driver can be set to a current limit suitable for the stepper in question you are good.

GRBL is the kind of control found on Xcarve and most other hobby machines, there are other types as well, but as far as the PSU/Driver/Stepper hardware this is in many cases “universal”.

I have a Nema 34 motors on the Cnc I want to run the x box from investable.

You want to use Easel to design for your already working CNC?
You want to use an X-controller to control your CNC?

First is possible, though you may need to do some work on the gcode depending on your current controller.

The second would be a waste of time. The X controller is not meant to handle your machines power needs. You probably have separate power supplies for each motor?

You can do that, but wont be able to utilize the Nema34 torque potensial.
The Xcontroller PSU is 24V or 36V (??) and the steppers are up to 4A, which is not too shabby.

However, if you want a system to perform to its optimum, simple get a controller board + individual stepper drivers that A) accept <80V input and B) current limit at or above the stepper motor current spec.

Depending on the application, the Xcontroller may do what you want.
If you got it, try it. If you are considering buying, get different and more tailored hardware for the job at hand :slight_smile:

Will x carve drivers run any motor driver board

You have stepper drivers… The black things with the axes labels.
I assume those are connected to a controller of some sort.
Like I said, you’d be downgrading of you want to use the X-controller.
Again, what is your goal? If we know that, we can help.

You are great thank you. My goal is to use easel. I know nothing about Linux. I have all me programs on easel and it runs great with some upgrades I have had it for over two years

Your machine runs on a LinuxCNC controller?
You should be able to export from Easel and run on your machine.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll trade you for a machine that is made to work with Easel.

What size do you have

I used the x controler and it works fine

Oh dear; cable salad! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Works great