4th axis any help

has anyone done a 4th axes on a xcarve using easel. i want to do table legs i have a dedicated machine for it.i just need help with the programing

V-Carve Pro has features that will let you do 4 axis machining. I don’t think Easel has anything that will create 4 axis tool paths.

there bust be a way to do it with out the pro.i have three machines and always was able to figure out something so i didn’t use pro

If the table legs need to be Symetrical then it would be not too tough in easel, youd need to swap the y with the 4th axis and edit b the $101 setting to achieve the correct rotation angle. And design in easel to account for the location of the 4th axis…

Acording to Vectric’s website, “Wrapped rotary axis” functionality is available in V-carve Desktop, V-Carve pro and Aspire.

I use an old version of V-carve Desktop which does not support rotary.

You can also do 4 sided flip carving where you carve one side, manually rotate 90 degrees, carve the next side…etc. I have seen some excellent work done in this way and you don’t need extra hardware.

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