4th axis for X-Carve

Can you add a 4th axis for turning table legs that will operate with the X-Carve?

Thank you for the information. Looks kike your hard work paid off. Very, very nice.

Did you use the stepper motors that came with the x-carve or did you buy the kit with new stepper motors?

When I installed the Rotary Axis, it came with a stepper motor.

I eventually upgraded the X-Carve steppers, but I still use the stepper that came with the rotary axis.

Thanks Erik. I would also like to ask anyone if they experience power surges that mess up your project? If so how do you protect that from happening? I was thinking about a battery backup of some sort. Any ideas?

I have never had any issues like that.

We get thunder storms (almost every time I work on my carves) and with them comes power surges. Trying to figure out what my best options are.