4th axis support?

If you go here you can get a 3" rotary table that you can convert to CNC .


What about a similar rotary attachment used for this laser?
It uses one of the existing axis so you do not have to have a 4th stepper involved.

Oh if everyone here only knew what I have been up to. You all will see soon enough in the coming weeks and I think most if not all will be pleased.

Dare I say the name here but talk to phil he has made his xcarve 4d

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i believe that someone had this a year or so back, they did a dip switch that swapped the x and the A when you needed to do a rotation carve. also did a drop in surface board that could be removed so the “A” axis motor and chuck would be along the closest " lower" edge of the surface, making it easier to do the swap and the work. im gonna try and do all of this in the next month or two. so ill post it up when i get it figured out. will do pic’s of the process and a list of parts and where they came from (prob amazon) as the build progres,

shhhhh that name is only mentioned in dark areas and usually only when dealing with others who have been banished for the land of vcarve! : )

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