5 Axis controller using g2core + Arduino Due + BigEasy Drivers

I am looking to build a custom X-Carve with an A+B rotary system on top for a full 5 axis system.
It so happens that I have a bunch of BigEasy drivers leftover from previous projects and I was thinking of hooking five of them to an Arduino Due running g2core for 5 axis control.
Has anyone seen this kind of setup? I know g2core works with Gshield but it is not restricted to that hardware exclusively. Was thinking of using ChiliPeppr with this setup.
Would it work? what do you think?

Oh yes I am working on the mechanical details, not sure what A+B platform to use yet.
I just really want to try g2core + chilipeppr and be able to make it work with the hardware I already have.

I am determined to build this. Will post pics when I make more progress.

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This is supposed to sit on the machine bed. The spindle will keep moving vertically only.

Since this is taller than the (stock) wasteboard to x carriage clearance, either the whole x axis will need to be lifted or the A+B assembly will need to be mounted on a lower level and accessed through an opening on the wasteboard. Depending on how high expectations for squaring are, the latter could prove challenging.

Rotary tables open up a whole new world of possibilities, but come with a couple of drawbacks. They offer a relatively small work envelope while occupying a lot of space and they are difficult to add/remove unless there is a reliable indexing mechanism in place.

I know I’m reviving a dead thread here, but has anyone made a working 5 axis machine? Either a trunnion style like this one or with a tilting/rotating spindle head?

Also I’m looking for a high-end 2 speed belt driven or direct drive spindle for the x-carve. Any suggestions?


I havent.

But @GrblGru apprantly have something:

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Thank you for your interest in GrblGru :slight_smile:

I have uploaded a new beta version V3.42.5 to my website.
It contains a new machine type “BUX” and also a machine of the same name.

Have fun with GrblGru