500 or 750

Looking for a 500 or 750. Do not need a 1000 as I have 2. Just need one of the smaller rigs for small projects. Will pay for shipping.

I have a 500x500 that I could part with. The bed is two Misumi HFSQN4-15250-500 aluminum extrusions, steel v-wheels with all the no-name bearings replaced with SKF bearings, upgraded Z with a Makita RT0700C, 9 mm genuine Gates belts, all the t-nuts replaced with Misumi nuts, better 20A PSU. Where are you located? I’m in Finland.

I have a 500mm in great condition, no side board.
Need to upgrade to 1000mm

Make me a good offer

South Florida

Hi Jyrki!
If you still have your 500x500, I would be happy to take it off your hands. I’m located in Denmark, so shipping shouldn’t be an issue either.
Let me know if you are interested.

Yes, I still have it. I have used it lately only for engraving pet memorials (instagram.com/nyrkkipajapartanen). I am discontinuing that right after I have sold all the rest granite slabs I have in stock. I will put the machine up for sale later this month or next month at the latest. I would like to avoid shipping it anywhere though.

Hmm, I won’t be able to pick it up, unfortunately, but please do let me know when you put it up for sale :blush:


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