500m X-Carve+Vacuum+Misumi Aluminium Bed 1200$ CAD OBO, Vancouver, Canada

As the title says, im selling my x-carve, its in very good condition, comes with a sound dampening box for the vacuum, adjustable dust boot, dewalt 611 and misumi aluminium extrusion bed.

Is this still available??

Yes it is

Hi Cristian,

Is this still available? If so, where in Vancouver are you located, and would it be possible to come by your place and do a test carve on the machine before purchasing?



Hi Emmett,
It is still available, i’m in downtown. I can set it up for a test cut if you need.

Hi Cristian,

Thank you for the quick response!

After doing some quick research on the 500mm X-Carve, the actual cutting area of 300mm x 300mm seems somewhat restrictive. Although this would be my first venture into CNC, I think it makes more sense, financially to save up for the 1000mm x 1000mm version instead.

I may change my mind in the future, but I don’t want to waste your time setting up a test carve if I don’t purchase the unit.

Out of curiosity, what are you selling it? Did you upgrade to a larger version, or are you no longer satisfied with the unit?



I haven’t been using it as much as of late, and the new condo we moved to is not as big as our previous one.