500mm to 1000mm in future

So I realise this is probably a very obvious question, but I have zero experience here.

If I were to pre-order the 500mm kit, how easy would it be to swap out one axis for a 1000mm rail in the future? Would it just be a case of swapping ou the rail and putting in a new waste board, or have I missed something obvious?


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Thats right, all you have to do is swap the rails to the longer ones.
I have seen people with a longer Y axis or a longer X axis and it works.
If your going to extend only one of the axis, ill recommend that you make the Y axis longer to keep the gantry as sturdy as possible.


Don’t forget you’ll need longer belts also!

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Thank you both. I’m hoping I could dive straight in with a 500x1000 setup and avoid all the head scratching of figuring out what to buy.

Yeah sorry, forgot about those belts.

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@MarcJennings another thing to remember is the length of the wires and drag chain (if you use it) are different too.

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Plenty for my to think about, then. Thanks all.

From what I was told it’s a little bit more than just rails but still very easy. The belts would need to be a different length along with what’s already mentioned.

And also the wiring lengths would change, and the Drag Chain.

So, how would I go about ordering this with a 500 X axis and a 1000 Y axis with the correct belt, wiring, and drag chain?

The best way to build this machine is to order 1000 x 1000 and cut the parts down. Save some money and make your own waste board.

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I was successful at this but I made my machine 1000 x 800, the extra wire and belts, etc was handy because I ended up with enough to locate my electronics a bit further from the CNC

I don’t mind paying the $76 for the 500 rails but I don’t see any way of ordering these separately on the website.

Also, shipping for the waste board to me (Hawaii) is showing $266. Can I order the “fully loaded” kit without the waste board?

Yes click “none” on the waste board.

I just upgraded my Y to 1000mm. Currently i have the 500mm 9i hex loaded on my arduino. is that a problem and if it is how would i change it? I tried opening up the hex file to edit it but its written in an alien language to me.