5x7 Photo Frame

Here is one of the first projects I made with my XC. It’s made from poplar with just clear finish on it.


This one is made from pine, stained and clear coated.


very nice! double sided cut? what method did you use?

I made a fixture to locate the bottom and left side of the frame. I designed everything (front and back) at the same time then copied the file and deleted the cuts that I didn’t need on each separate file. Now all I have to do is change the text on the front for each different frame.

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those are great

Very cool! What program and bit did you use for the bulldog/soccer ball on the first one and the wording on both of them?

Also, what is the slot on the back of them for? It looks like a keyhole slot, but obviously wouldn’t work for hanging.

I design using a program called Flexisign, (I own a sign shop). I use inkscape to convert to svg and then cut in easel. All of the lettering is done using a 60 degree bit that I tell easel it is a .010 bit.

The slot is to store the dowel rod that props them up if you hang it on the wall.

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Great thinking, thanks!

Those are nice. I make frames with the table top epoxy on them and I will be putting custom text of them whenever they order me some. Keep up the great work!

Where do you get the photo backer board?

The first one I did I bought a cheap frame for the glass and backer. Now I am cutting my own backer from medium chipboard.


What depth did you do for that smaller text?

The lettering on both frames is .030" deep.

Here is another picture frame I just finished.