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611 backorder to no clue

Recently purchased the xcarve system, however the router is on backorder until undetermined time. This was not advertised on the site. Im a little frustrated and looking for alternative routers to get. Any routers strong enough to handle the cnc load? The Grizzly store has a Dewalt T22355 router in stock. 1.25 HP. Could this be used with the system?

Go to Lowes and pick one up.
When yours comes you’ll have a spare.
You wont be sorry.

I agree, I keep a spare as well as brushes. I installed a plug for quick changes and can replace the brushes while it is out of the machine.

Everywhere I looked (here and online)is back ordered or out of stock. Thats why I’m curious of a possible replacement.

Makita RT0701 (need shimming as its about 1/8" slimmer. A couple of pop cans worth of shims will get you there :slight_smile: The Makita also have the added benefit of having a lower minimum RPM range (10k) and longer brush life. (replacements are available)

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Thanks for the info. I bought my x-carve on November and still waiting for the 611. People at Inventables should start thinking of an alternate way to solve this. A new bracket or adapter to fit the Makita would do the job but I don’t know the real reason they don’t go that way.

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I found several available at local Ace Hardware stores in Michigan and purchased one there

Keep looking on Amazon. I lucked out and found one three days ago. It will get here tomorrow.

If you use the Makita, there is a guy on Etsy that sells an adapter.

I can say, the Makita is way quieter than the Dewalt.

I purchased a Makita for mine. The 611 slows and sometimes stops breaking the bit! Dewalt couldn’t find the problem so I quit using, don’t trust it any longer. The Makita runs way quieter too!

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