64bit Required

Is a 64 bit Windows Operating system required for use of the X-Carve or will a an older laptop using 32 bit be able to operate the X-Carve

The x-carve is made by inventables and they have their own program to run the CNC, easel, its quite easy to use and you can try it withouth the machine.


it just requires a web browser so don’t worry about 32/64 bit OS unless you want to use another program

Thank you I plan on using easel I was just curious about the OS since on the site it recommended 64 bit. I will try my old laptop first.

There is an installed portion of Easel called “Easel Local” which is used to send the gcode to your machine. That program works on a 64bit Mac and both 32 and 64 bit PC. Let me know if it works on your older computer.

I will once the machine arrives I was just trying to determine if I needed to budget in a new laptop right now I appreciate the information

I was excited to use Easel for the X-carve because I have a Chromebox I figured would be perfect for this since Easel is browser-based. Does this mean that a Chromebox would not work?

Unfortunately yes, for now the machine connection portion of Easel only works on Mac and Windows computers. You can still do your design in Easel on the chromebox though.