64bit Win8/10

I called inventables support and they suggested I use a 64bt Machine with Windows8/10
I have been trying to run my xcarve on a 32bit windows vista based machine. but its been a total pain in the butt.

If you are using Easel, check the downloads section of Easel, and downgrade your driver to .2.2 or lower. I had to do that to get it working on Vista.

Alternately, Ultimate Gcode sender will work on Vista.

yes i installed 2.2 but it still only detects the port/xcarve 10% of the time.

I could never get anything to work with Vista. Did you know that windows 7 works 10 times better than vista - even on xp machines that struggled to use vista? Windows 7 performs better than XP on XP machines. It really should be your minimum acceptable operating system on Windows.

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I upgraded to a windows 8 64bit machine and the problems are gone