750mm X-carve Waste board Dimensions


I just received my 750mm x-carve in the mail this week!
I’ve tried searching the forums and the workbench files for the 750mm drawings to find out what dimensions i need to cut the 3/4 inch MDF waste board.
I don’t have a table saw so i will need to get the lumberyard to cut it for me, but i can’t find the dimensions anywhere!

Could somebody please send me the dimensions i need to cut the wood, and are/will there be schematics for the 750mm model?

Thanks in advanced.


Here you go https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gcl5zpCuwqCXWLvYktLQBc-2IHvossNo37ycTOkzg6gREW#/space/gcojYwyy_VqboQQ-9hKBJrjS3zGaGuue8sfnqRNxGI9WQS/link/499574

Interesting…the 750mm and 500mm Xcarves use a 1/2" MDF wasteboard while the 1000mm uses 3/4" MDF.

27 1/8" wide by 29 1/2" deep

Thanks guys,

Justin: I was thinking of going with 3/4" MDF vs the 1/2", based on other forum post i read. As some were commenting on the resistance to warping. I don’t think weight is a huge deal for me.

I have an old adjustable spring loaded drafting table that folds away vertically (and height adjustable), that i’m planning to bolt the x-carve to. i think it will work great for storage.

So i went and got 5/8" MDF, seeming like this is the middle ground of the 500 and 1000mm boards.
Got an offset from the lumberyard, came to $15!

750 waste board .DXF (67.7 KB)
750 mm DFX (please check file because dxf is unverified)