750x750 x-carve [SOLD]

A few years old. Purchased from someone on here last year I just don’t use it enough to justify the space it takes up in my garage. Has the newer controller and I replaced the acme screw because it was bent. Has about 20 bits. I bout it without the wast board in order to save on shipping so I made my own. I am willing to disassemble and ship it. Shipping will probably be around $100. Would like to see $500 for it not including shipping but I am open to offers. I can send pictures to anyone interested

Where are you located?

I am in Kansas city

Sold? Interested.

Nope still available.

Can you email me some pictures?



Sure. It will be later tonight.

I am also interested…can you send me pics? Mwestbrock@hotmail.com. I live about 3 hours away so shipping would not be necessary. Thank you!

Still Available?

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