775m motor upgrade

In machine setup there should be a 775m motor option that sets the Goode so the motor does a soft start ramps up maybe in 4 steps so the power supply can handle the current

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What do you mean? Please elaborate.
Do you have the Xcarve 1000 with Xcontroller?

I have a diy 3018 max speed 7000 rpm I’m upgrading to a 775m I’ve read that it may not start at full speed because of current reguired the fix seems to be start at 40 percent then ramp up till you get to 100 percent
If there was a 775 m option in machine setup that when you hit spindle on g code would do the ramping up for you

That’s a very specific request.
You could add the spindle ramp up to your gcode manually.

Maybe you can explain to me how I do that in easel

Export your gcode.
Open in your favorite text editor.
Add ramp up code. (Do you know what you need here?)
Import back into Easel.

Yes I’ve seen the code that you have to enter on YouTube it’s like a S equals 400 P.25 FM three and then another lying S equals 600 P.25 and three and so on until you get to 100

M3 S400
G4 P0.25
M3 S500
G4 P0.25
M3 S600
G4 P0.25
M3 S700
G4 P0.25