$78.00 10" Windows 10 tablet at Walmart

Web site said a local store had five. They had zero. :frowning:

I just started looking at bCNC today. It’s a python program that has all the features UGCS plus some. I want to get away from using my expensive lap top for the xcarve controller. I was thinking about a raspberry pi3. By the time a screen is added, its close to some atom windows 10 tablets. I thought win 10 tables were much more expensive. This tablet would work well if is of quality to last.

This handy combo-hub has 3 USB 2.0 ports, and a AX88772A Ethernet transceiver.

I have an 8" Windows 8.1 tablet updated to Win10 I bought on Amazon for $35.00. The screen is pretty small and the only way I use it is with an external monitor using the tablet as the touchscreen/mouse. This one is pretty usable by itself.

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Here is a program that makes these tablets work even better. It is an on screen mouse/touchpad that has a right click.

You need to download the old version 1967 for just the mouse.

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great ideas. I’ll have to look into these.

i download java version 8 so i can Run Universal gcode.
then i download arduino 1.6.9 so i can program the arduino Uno with GRBL config.

the walmart that a purchase mine have 15 of ( RCA Cambio 10.1" Tablet 32GB Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Processor Windows 10, Black )

FL 33029 (954) 442-5822

item #554305692
was 128.00 is on sale now for 59.00

Went to the local Walmart last night, because he website said they had 7 in stock. Nope. Zero. None left.

Bait & Switch?

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When I bought mine, they had to look for it because it was not in the “usual” area they kept the stock.

That’s exactly what they told me. They also
Said their computers wouldn’t tell them
If it was in stock or not unless they could scan the tag?
Walmart, what’d I expect…

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Update- went to a Walmart in a different city (West Covina) and found one!! They actually had 5 in stock. The guy that rang me up was so impressed by the features and the drop in price, that he said he was buying one after his shift ended, lol.

Anyone notice any heat problems with these devices? Do they run really hot?

Use it a lot on my lap without problems. Are you keeping it plugged in?

I don’t have one. I’m thinking about getting one and there is a rumor that the thermal design is bad which leads to over heating and premature failure.

I noticed that, after keeping it on my lap for 3 hours while trying to figure out how to get UGS running properly.

I purchased one online @ Walmart.com, added a 64gb SD micro memory card and a Bluetooth mouse. I loaded PicEngrave Pro 5, the Arduino driver and PicSender on it. I just finished a 3 hour 20 min laser photo engraving with our EmBlaser. The RCA tablet works like a charm and I did not notice it getting warm at all.


Selling mine, the one I just picked up, if anyone wants it.
I freakin’ DESPISE Windows…
Otherwise, it works great.

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