90 deg vs 91 deb v-bit

Can someone tell me the difference and use application between a 90 deg and 91 deg v-bit

I just don’t understand what you gain from 1 deg

90 deg

91 deg

I’d be willing to bet it is construction tolerance for things like joints or miters. Amana makes nice tools.

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Yeah that might be true I could see that Amana seems to make alot of tools for off the wall special applications

I guess I have heard of solid surface joints and counter top joints being slightly off so that when that are put together they force themselves together

but yeah I have been saving my pennies for this set I really want it lol

The 91 degree is specifically for miter folding. Makes sure to allow for tolerance, so the inside corner points of the joint make good contact.

ahh oh yes i could see that


totally missed that lol

Definitely something to add to the shopping list.