9mm belt and pulleys

any body know where to get a deal where to get 9mm belts and the needed pulleys. thanks

I ordered belts from China via Ebay and pulleys from open builds. Still waiting on the belts to arrive. Not sure if it’s a deal or not.

BB Man. and SDP/SI both stock these, and the belts are Gates branded and seem to be better quality than the low-end stuff from China (if anyone has a source for good quality belts from China, I’d be glad of them).

Hey Michael -

I sell complete 9mm upgrade kits at www.tbdcnc.com! The kits have everything you need to upgrade to either 3GT3 or 2GT2 9mm belting. I have over 200 happy customers and have had 0 belt failures.

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hi im new to this site , can someone tell mme how to post something please thanks, ven

im looking for some advise on which cnc to get

I love the war of the vendors on this forum.

I can’t speak for Phil or his products or why people attack anyone else who does anything with the xcarve.

I do know that “bush pilots” belts just broke 2 of my spindle motor arms because I had the belts too tight. I’m pissed at myself but realize that the freaking 9mm belts broke two spindle motor arms! That’s some tough belts!!!

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Gates stuff is aviation grade. they make stuff for the aviation community and are known for good stuff but pricey

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I purchased the 2gt2 belts and I did not realize I had the first generation x carve. The pulleys on my Nema 23’s are not wide enough for the 9mm belts. What pulleys should I be using and where can I buy them?

I got mine at open builds. https://openbuildspartstore.com/smooth-idler-pulley-kit/ I found that the clearances to everything were tight, but they do work out fine.

Thank you Marty. What timing pulley did you use? I purchased the kit from TBD but the timing pulleys are the ones I need to replace.

This is what I ordered:

I got the belt here and decided to order another length for a spare.

You’re the man Marty. I bought 3 of those pulleys and they did not work for the 2gt2 9mm belts. I already replaced all the smooth idlers to handle the 9mm belting so I might as well just buy the 3gt belting from your eBay link. Have a great weekend.

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I ordered the belt on June 9 and received it on June 25. I think that is a pretty decent turn around. The last thing I cut that I measured had a. +/- 005 accuracy. I should probably tweak my $ again, but that is a lot better. I have the stiffeners, risers, and a cnc4newbies Z axis.

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I got mine here.


Best thing is if you like files, he gives you $20 worth of his files free with purchase. Which the end clips cost $20. So if you want to buy files anyways, it’s a no brainer. Plus, I personally prefer namebrand gates belts and he has links to them.