9mm belt tension?

I’ve been using the 3-3.5lb tension @ 1-inch displacement via fish scale for my 6mm belts.

Now I’m upgrading to the 9mm belt and wondering what lb tension are you 9mm guys using?

I had my 5mm GT3 belts (belts that I ordered incorrectly) at 3.5lb and notice some skipping where the belts jumped a tooth or two on 1-2 occasions. Which is why I was wondering about the GT3 9mm belts. I thought they should be able to hold more tension without any fear of breaking. I’m thinking more tension would reduce belt skipping on the pulley and at GT3 9mm the risk of breaking is significantly lower. Or am I thinking incorrectly, as my wife is fond of telling me…

I set mine to 4.3lb last night simply because I zipped them close and that is where it worked out when I still had the nut all but on the bolt.