9mm Belt Upgrade GRBL Settings

I just want to confirm, if I change the current GT2 6mm wide belt to GT2 9mm wide, with same teeth count and pitch, I don’t need to change any GRBL settings, right?

Correct. As long as the only thing that changes is the width, no GRBL settings are affected. Note that most people change pulleys and change the pitch count of the belt when they do this upgrade, which DOES require GRBL adjustments.

this one I would like to be explained as well @AngusMcleod

what difference is tooth count and pitch relate to a rotational degree. if the drive pulley is 1 inch and drives a 1 inch pulley the steps will remain the same if you put in a 4 inch pulley driving a 4 inch pulley.
when making a 360 degree round trip it is still the same (gear ratio never changes). that is easy when the ratio is 1 to 1 like it is on this machine.

and for those wondering is the X-Carve really a 1 to 1 drive ratio. did you have to measure the pulleys and count the teeth of each one before installing them to make sure you got them on in the right place?

A 2mm pitch and 20 tooth pulley results in 40 mm per revolution. With the 8X microstepping that’s 1600 steps per rev equating to 40 steps/mm.

A 3mm pitch and 20 tooth pulley results in 60 mm per revolution. Same steps per revolution equating to 26.7 steps/mm.

Steps/mm are a GRBL setting.


That’s a very good analogy Phil. Thanks.

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Thanks for explaining what I was trying to say! :slight_smile:

Thank you Phil. I thought that was the case, but just wanted to be certain.

I was going to recheck steps per mm after installing the new belts. Anything else I should be aware of for this upgrade?

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thanks everyone for your input

when changing to gt3 9mm belt what are the setting you change and to what ? where do you find this in easel .

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