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9mm belts // where to buy

With my recent full upgrade kit on the X-Carve I have been going through quite a few belts in order to find the sweet spot with how fast and deep I can cut. So I looked for something a bit less expensive and found these on Amazon… I haven’t put them to use yet, but from what I can tell, they are identical and will follow up with a report as soon as I have a chance to use them.

The belts in the Inventables shop are:

$30.00 - 9mm, 4 meters long w/3mm pitch, Part No. 26053-05

$47.00 - 9mm, 10 meters long w3mm pitch

This is what I bought a couple of years ago.

GT Arc 3GT Open Synchronou Timing Belt Width 3/6/9/15mm Neoprene Small Backlash | eBay

2044#5Meters GT3 width 9mm Rubber open belt Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core 3GT- 9MM timing belt manufacturer $21.00 image