A couple of signs

I am a big history buff, especially American history… And one of the things that I enjoy the most are hearing of people who started business from scratch and changed the world… So, with that being said. The first two in this little series I am doing is Standard Oil and Harley Davidson Motorcycles… I took the American Flag and replaced the stars with their company logos!! Simple, fun and a constant reminder that all you need is the determination and you can do anything you want!!


I forgot to mention, these are done on 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood… roughly 20" x 30"… with a 0.50 90° V-bit

Great job. I really like the standard sign. I had a bulk fuel route with them back in my younger days and collected a lot of stuff then. They both look great.

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Looks Great.

What did you do to mask the plywood from the paint?

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Thanks Wayne… Chad, I used Oramask 813… I love that stuff!!

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Awesome! They look great. Great detail in the logos.

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Thank you Phil !!

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Great work


You appear to be having some sort of issue with your V bit. You can see that it it overextending the corners for some reason. It may be that the degree of the bit is off, or something isn’t being input properly. You could do some checks by test carving a square and trying to clean up the way that it is cutting the corners.

Sorry to be a downer, trying to help.


Thanks everyone… Robert… No worries… That’s one thing I have noticed with other cuts I have done… Just figured that’s how the program was interpreting the image, so I have just been going with it

Try a plain square in some scrap and see if it does the same thing. That will tell you if it is your image, or something else to be investigated.

My guess is that it is something other than the image, because you can see the same thing in the flag stripes.

I will give that a try… Thanks Robert

Make sure you have the correct bit size for what the software is programmed for , ive had this happen to me when I accidentally used a 90 degree v bit instead of the 60 degree that had selected in the software…

I am most certainly staying on top of that, and I am also manually inputting the width of the bit as well…