A decent font pack

I stumbled across this font package and thought I would mention it here in case any are interested. It is a collection of over 11000 fonts all with commercial use license. The pack does cost $20 USD.


That isn’t a bad price for a lot of true type fonts. Though, I hate when I install too many fonts. It can really bog down some programs which fetch all system fonts.

I always use a font manager to install and uninstall fonts as I need them for that exact reason. I only ever have the default windows fonts and an additional 20-25 or so installed at any given time.

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did you buy it?
Do you down load a file of do you need to go back each time you want something generated?
There is no way to view all these fonts and it sure would make some great signs.

I did buy it, you get links to download in email and directly on the web page after payment. You get links to download as 1 big file 400 ish MB and also 10 separate smaller files for slower connections. Here is the list of all the fonts http://www.10000fonts.com/catalog/ The files you get are all in folders in alphabetical order and you can pick and choose exactly which font you want to install, and again, a font manager makes the install / uninstall process very fast and easy.