A different approach to clamping

Marius Hornberger has this video about a clamping system on his Youtube channel and thought it may be of interest. I’ve made similar clamps (fibonacci spirals) and they work very well - his are a lot neater than mine.
The dog hole idea is a neat one I may look at later today - after I finish my X axis mod/calibration,


Marius has done it again. Here’s a solution for a larger clamp range using his previous clamps.
I picked up some pipe the other day and now my X-Carve is properly calibrated, might be time to drill a few holes and give this a try.


ive watched lots of his videos the guy is a genius

He does have some very cool ideas this one is impressive too may keep me from chewing up the table non stop with direct screw downs… I have a L brace screwed down but it is not easy to take on and off like his.