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A drag knife for vinyl

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So, I made a quick modification to add a drag knife for my X-Carve. Basically, I used an existing knife system, mine was for a Klic-N-Kut plotter. Granted, I have a 2.2kw spindle, so I have more room to work with… but I made brass spacer to hold the drag knife where the collet would usually go. I do have a metal lathe, so I know that is something not everyone has… but perhaps this will give some ideas. The Klic-N-Kut knife takes care of the swivel mechanism as is run on an existing ball bearing system. I added a spring to the collet to keep constant pressure on the cutter. The existing blade holder, has adjustable blade depth… so I have to play with pressure and speed, but on my first try, got a useable vinyl cut.


Nice I like it