A dust boot on Kickstarter

I stumbled across this earlier today. It looks fairly well designed and reasonably priced, and might be a nice option for those who aren’t interested in designing / building their own. Even though I’ve mostly built my own already, I pledged for one of these as well, as I like the easy method for tool changes.

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I’d rather spend my time making other stuff than making a boot, so I’d maybe get in on this, but I don’t want to wait until May.

Yeah - that’s the only downside. Fortunately, I already have the other one I built. I’ll use it in the interim until this one arrives.

That looks quite well-designed! I just might have to pledge on that one.

Just pledged… I figure I’ll continue to use the one I have, and switch in May, worse case I’ll donate it if I don’t like it, OR buy another X-Carve !! :smile:

That’s a creative idea! :sunglasses:

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Here’s the Kickstarter link

Interesting that the hole is big enough for the collet to fit through and not much more, most of the other designs I’ve seen fit around the entire router body - I think I like this.

The only thing I haven’t been crazy about with a dust boot is that you can’t zero the bit with it on because you don’t have access under the boot. But this looks like maybe you can lift the boot straight up (even has magnets at the top so maybe you don’t have to hold it) which might work. It doesn’t look like the brushes lock in place, they’re just sitting on the stock surface, don’t know if that’s an issue - maybe not at first, but once you’re far enough into a carve that has had a lot of top surface removed it might catch.

I’m sure someone here will come up with a similar design soon. :grinning:

Backed it! thanks for the heads up.

Looks like a lot of thought has gone into it. The price is really quite good once you factor in materials and time.

I ended up backing it too. I was going to go the Locline route, so now I’ll just rig something temporarily until these ship.

Looked at it, said to myself I can build that. Remembered all of the “I can build that” things I have on my list. My first Kickstarter pledge.


yeah that looks pretty good I am curious on how the bottom and top mounts work though

I can relate to that!

Big props on costing less than router finally. Only part I would question there is the length and stiffness of the hair on the bottom.

Yes, I too added this to my list of I can build that. But after realizing I still have to build my X-Carve I decided to break the seal and back my first ever Kickstarter plan also. Now to wait on delivery.

I have also backed the kick-starter boot , and this is atfer making my own like the way it mount and slides apart to to change cutting bit…

Too many projects, too little time. I’m in for 1.

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i think i will back too ^^

I backed it as well. Too many other projects …