A few lessons learned

Yesterday I got my 3/4" router bit to surface my wasteboard. I borrowed Phil’s file for doing so, (thanks Phil!) and it worked fine. I noticed I had a slight step in my toolpaths, higher in the back/lower in the front. With the help of my machinist’s square and some old feeler gauges for shim stock, I managed to get it dialed in spot on.

If anyone is interested in doing the same, this is a similar set to what I have: https://www.amazon.com/OEMTOOLS-25025-Blade-Master-Feeler/dp/B000BYGIR4 Makes great shim stock.

So I re-surfaced the wasteboard and everything looked to be dialed in pretty nice. I hooked up my dial indicator and ran it across the surface to check for true, and it’s within .005" all the way across. Should be more than adequate for my needs.

Then today, while I was running a test on a new design, I noticed one of the wheels on my x-axis wasn’t turning. Rather than stop the machine and make the adjustments properly, I slipped my 8mm wrench on the eccentric nut and made a quick adjustment. Well that blew my spindle out of true left to right. I knew better, and still I did it.

So now, half an hour later, my machine is trued once more.

The lessons learned:

  1. Put a dust boot on this thing ASAP, that MDF with the 3/4" bit coated my entire shop.
  2. NEVER make adjustments to a running machine (Again, I KNEW this, and still did it)
  3. See #1.

Hope this helps someone somewhere down the line. Or that you at least get a laugh at my expense.