A few little hiccups but shes just about there!

I got her up and running now and working out some hiccups. The eccentric screws for the vwheels dont want to cooperate. I can get them really tight which inhibits the movement of the x axis or really loose which cant be good, nothing in between though

. Ive had to stop a couple jobs because one of the eccentric nuts jiggled loose… I put them on backwards and that dealt with it

Did you try any locktite on them?

Naw, not a bad idea. Whats wrong with just using a normal nut? When i put it on backwards it tightened it up just fine. I ran a full job like that perfectly

That’s just nuts!

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Also, while i have your attention. those little green terminals (?) dont want to hold my stepper cable in very tightly. It seems if i move my power source a couple inevitably pop out. Any tips for securing them better?

I had the same issues so i just had to secure my power supply down and didnt move it anymore so the issue went way. but thats not a proper fix either.

I used short (about 12 inch) wires from the Grbl shield to 3 terminal blocks that I screwed down to the workbench. Then I connected the motor wire to the anchored terminal blocks. That way if the machine moves or something hits the motor wires there is no chance it will put any strain on the silly little green connectors on the Grbl shield.

Hey thats pretty slick thinking