A few needed features

Hi, Im new to the CNC community and I’ve had my x carve pro set up and running for a couple weeks but I’ve already noticed a few things that easel needs. especially as a paid easel pro user.

Select by depth of cuts
to be able to select all the layers with a certain depth of cut, like when everything is a fill cut at varying depths and I want to delete a whole set of layers.

Resume carve from last position
for when its late at night and I wanna go to bed, but the carve has 4 hrs left and I don’t wanna have to start all over from the beginning again. you should be able to stop the carve, then have it ask you if you want to cancel or resume later. then it would home itself. you could turn everything off. then in the morning you can select resume carve and it would pick back up where it left off.

Cleanup Pass
another option with smaller bit, that I can use just to clean up edges after, but it would just carve the max depths & widths. you wouldn’t have to go through the whole carve again, taking 6+ hrs with it only cutting something every 20 mins. it would take a 10th of the time to “finish” edges. it also would be great for V bits.


Well, this one is already implemented. Just right-click on an object and then choose the “Select by Matching Depth” menu option.

For the second request, you could pause the carving, turn the router/spindle off, and then resume later. The controller should be ok running for an extended period of time. You just do not want to leave the CNC milling by itself.

For the third request, you could make a new workpiece with just a single bit set. This bit would be the detail bit from your original workpiece. You would then just carve at a comfortable feed/speed with DOC set to the maximum depth in the project (or portion of the project that you are finishing).


Brandon Parker

In regards to your suggestion for the 2nd request, the X Carve Pro doesn’t have a spindle off. It’s not like the normal X Carve where you can turn off the power. It’s turned on/off via easel.

Yeah, I completely missed that you said it was a “Pro” …

I’m sure a software solution is easy enough. A hardware solution is probably just a easy with the spindle being VFD driven. That would definitely void any warranty you might have. :grin:


Brandon Parker