A Few Screws Loose

If you’re like me, you have a few screws loose. And some washers hanging around. And nuts, lots of nuts. Well, say hello to my little friend:

He may not look too impressive, but he’s useful:

I’m a hoarder, and I know I will never willingly throw out the random fasteners I find around my shop. But if I can pre-sort them using “li’l screwy” here, maybe I can convince my kids that it’s fun to sort everything into the right size and put it back in the box/bag it belongs in.

I made this using Easel’s box app and .225" MDF. The screw is a combination of a rectangle and two triangles, the washer is a circle (I hope you could figure that out), and the nut was from Easel’s polygon app. Overall, the box is 6"x6"x3", small enough to easily move, yet large enough to hold a heck of a lot of random stuff.


Love that it makes the face.

Looks good. You may want to use the Dog Bones in the inside corners, Save a lot if sanding on the tabs.