A few thoughts i am curious about, please advise

   I am new to the cnc router scene, but am a cnc machinist. I am hoping that this endeavor turns out well. I ordered my machine last week (1000mmx1000mm) and while I am waiting on its delivery I have been reading the forums, and watching videos. Before I even have my machine I have some questions and thoughts.
  First i was specifically looking for something on making a x,y locating stop, a semi permanant one, and maybe i didnt dig deep enough but didnt find anything i was looking for. I have a laser engraver, and when i first got it i made a locating stop just off of the homing location. (think of how a square is in the shape of an L) i put the offset in and everytime i engrave i start from that location. so i was looking to do something simaler for the xcarve, it makes things simpler say if i turn something on my lathe and want to engrave on it and if I were to change bits but carve on the same piece of material.. anyone know of some like this i can watch or  read on how they went about it? I have some ideas but i would like to see how others did theirs. thank you in advance.
 Second i have seen alot of discussion on feeds and speeds, here is a link to how i calculate just about anything i need at work. http://www.carbidedepot.com/formulas-milling.htm so on this same basis i am curious as to what is limiting the cut on the xcarve from what i have seen on here. both depth of cut and feed rate. according to harvey tool and a single edge straight flute 1/8 endmill depending on what you are cutting you should be able to run this bit anywhere from 400 sfm to 1600 sfm and .0044 ipt to .0068 ipt. so being in the middle, an 1/8 single flute at 700 sfm and .0044 ipt cut would be running over 21,000 rpm, and 94 ipm, being able to modestly cut .0625 deep in the z, and .0625 deep in the x or y direction, but should easily cut to 1x deep or .125 with slight modifications to the feeds and speeds. The ones i remember were using very shallow cuts like .020 and .028 so my thoughts are something is limiting it, what?  does the gantry flex and cause chatter? is it cheap end mills? in metal, 1045 to be exact i can run 8000 rpm and .07 doc and full engagement (I understand its in a mill), so i am trying to change over the thought process from metal to wood, and understand my limiting factors. Thank you for any thoughts, help, and experience anyone provides.

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Search “bump stop” here.

Machine stiffness, and Easel runs very basic toolpath strategies.