A fix for the SVG scale issue that I didn't see in the forums

Hey everyone,

I ran into scaling issues when trying to import an SVG that I created in Illustrator 2020 (v24.0.1) into Easel.

I looked through the forums and found a lot of helpful posts, but none of them really resolved my issue.

So, I poked around with the settings and managed to get my SVG imported at the correct scale without needing to edit the svg’s code. I didn’t see this particular solution in the forums (maybe it’s there but I didn’t find it) so I thought I’d share.

The solution in my case was to remove the responsive setting when exporting my SVG.

Once I did this the SVG imported at the right scale.

And it’s specifically this setting. The minify setting has no affect on the size.

Here’s a video where I walk through the process of exporting -> importing with the settings that didn’t work and then the settings that did.

Fixing scaling issue from Chris Schmitz on Vimeo.

I hope this is helpful!


Thanks for this post. I’m experiencing the same scaling issues from Illustrator SVG exports. I tried your correction and, unfortunately, it didn’t solve the problem for me. I wonder if there is some other setting that is different in my export than yours. I’m using a PC version of Illustrator and you’re on a Mac. Maybe that has something to do with it? I’ll keep searching and report back.

Update! Maybe I should have tried this prior to my first response. I was using the “export selection” option originally instead of the “export as” option. The “export as” option worked!

So to summarize, don’t use the “export selection” option and expect it to work. Use the “export as” option and this fix should work.

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