A 'Goto Home' button

I’ve had this happen twice now… I’m long into a cut and my browser crashes and my cut stops. I turn off the spindle and try to ‘home’ the machine so i can re-start my job. The machine should still know where HOME is… however when i try to use the ‘Last Home Location’ option it never works.

It would be nice to have a ‘Home’ button on the ‘CARVE’ wizard in Easel to test the last home position.

Even though Easel has closed… i still have power to the gShield. Shouldn’t it still know its home position?

Each time this has happened to me i’ve tried to launch UGS, however it shows the port is still open and can’t connect. However, If i relaunch Easel it will connect fine (i assume Easel has the port open).

I built my own 3-Axis zeroing block… however it doesn’t help me if the corner of my material isn’t my home. In this instance i was cutting in the middle of a previously used sheet of aluminum.

If you use the switches make sure you put that bolt in on the Z axis so you do not crush it.
Also if you want a go home or restart you would need a fancier setup.
This is why the system is inexpensive.