A little help with Easel

Probably a very simple answer to my question…

I have imported a file to easel. My art includes the letter A and O… when I go choose my tool path to be “fill”, the O and the A are carved but the inside geometric shapes are carved out as well… I’m at a loss if this can be fixed within easel, or do I require V-carve? (I do have v-carve pro, but am still just learning it)

Any help is appreciated.

Are the inside shapes of the letters a separate object?

2 different things to try:

Combine the inside and outside curves of the letters.
(Note: once easel combines objects it can not separate them)

Or leave the inside and outside curves of the letters as serrate objects.
Set the inside curve to “fill” but make the depth “0”.
“Edit: Bring Forward” the center curve until it is on top of the outer curve.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, my money’s on the “bring forward”, that’s the part that I always initially forget when trying to do shapes like that in Easel.