A local easel on your computer

Why is easel only available online. In certain cases wireless to the workshop is unreliable. and it is too far to run a cat 5 easily.

Once you have the project running, if you lose your internet connection the project should continue (I think). You could also export your g-code from Easel and then load it using UGS in your shop as a work around.

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I have to agree… I have great internet… Most of the time… but sometimes my router decides to be a… insert age appropriate bad word here… I wish there was a way to have a local version of the projects we have created… maybe have it sync every time we log in on the xcarve pc? that way if we need to boot up, run a project, and be done we arent waiting on the interwebs…

That’s the problem. All of a sudden the project slows down or even stops for an unreasonable amount of time. If it was local then you have no problems. Hey Rusty excuse my ignorance but what is UGS (duh to me. )

No problem. UGS - Universal G-Code Sender. It’s a small java application that send g-code directly to you CNC. It’s found HERE!

Once a project is loaded in Easel it should run fine without needing any Internet connection at all.

I had no problems in my shop doing this. Walk back to house, reconnect to WiFi, and while making a coffee, load up my next project. Walk laptop back out to shop, plug into XC and carve.

Not ideal I know but does work. I’ve since installed a WiFi extender which was by far the cheapest way to get connectivity in the shop (and the garden which is handy while lasering as I can have a surf while sat outside the shop). WiFi extender was £20 from Amazon.

There are other options like powerline network extenders which are simple to use too.



I was skeptical about those power line network extenders until a friend of mine used one. Apparently they work great!

Got it thanks. Will figure it out and see how it works.

you also get the exercise we all need.!!!

Oh Yes, Please Please Please, make Easel able to work on the local PC.
It might work great in the states or anywhere that bandwidth is not an issue, but here in Australia Easel is SO SLOW.
I have the 1000 mm machine and its virtually impossible to use it for any designs that make use of the size of the machine.

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Once Easel is open on your machine all of the processing of jobs and design is done locally on the computer. Only the auto saves back to the cloud are using the internet connection. If you are experiencing slowness in Easel, it may be something on the computer or browser end.

You should be able to load up Easel and then unplug your computer from the internet and be able to work on designing and preparing tool paths.

Is that true Sketch? I’m gonna’ try that tonight (unplug the internet to garage). I’ve been working on some pretty big (I think) Easel projects and if I change one depth or rotate something just a bit, for example, the constant saving of changes really bogs the browser. If we can avoid that auto saving, I’ll be happy.

I think so. Every time I test it out it seems to work. You’ll need to get the project that you want to work on loaded up first, but after that it should be good to go… then you’ll need to plug it back in to get it to save again.

The problem is that I will never buy the x carve due to the fact easel is online only. I honestly believe
that if you own the machine then the software to run it should be with it on a DVD or downloadable. The company holding control of what you own just doesn’t cut it. Bit like cellphones in Canada where you have to pay to unlock something you own.!!! Otherwise i think the machine has its place in the hobby guys workshop as it can do quite a lot in miniature. I work with a full blown router for industrial use.

Ok, that is understandable, but the hardware is open source. So the software that drives the machine doesn’t have to be Easel. You can (and many do) use an X-Carve completely without Easel. The machine is not locked down to just one way of using it and that is where the carrier/cellphone analogy falls down.

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What about “Easel Local”? Is this a local install of Easel on the PC or Mac where you can run Easel without an internet connection?

Easel Local is just the middleman that you install on your computer that communicates between the Easel Web-App and the X-Carve

investigate using http://electron.atom.io/ to publish Easel as a local install.
If Easel were open source, we could contribute too…