A moment of silence please

Used UGS for the first time last night… and love love the keyboard movement of the router.

well, let’s just say that I mixed my inches and mm for a split second… and as I moved my Z it started to wander and rise… before I could get to the red button of panic… well, i heard the lovely crunch… :frowning:

So, for all you kids out there that haven’t hooked up your limit switches yet… you might wanna consider it. :slight_smile:

Poor limit switch. RIP


I highly recommend turning soft limits on which will cause the machine to alarm instead of moving out of range.

You can do this by sending:
$20=1 (soft limits, bool)

That will persist on the machine so set it once and it’ll stay that way unless you change it back to 0.

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LOL … didn’t even know i needed to… i know now. :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve…

Will follow your advice… appreciate it.

Of course you’re like “now they tell me”. I personally think the default should be to have them enabled, still not sure why it isn’t.

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Perfect … will do that now.

Loving the learning curve… just hope my fingers can make it through the process as well. :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t the new X-Carve come with a screw that goes into the motor plate to keep the Z from crushing the switch?

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Ahem… that would be a yes… :sweat:

unfortunately… i didn’t put it on…


Better late than never. :slight_smile: Don’t forget about the X and Y…

Working on those as we speak… (write)…

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This probably makes me a terrible person (or at the very least a terrible cnc operator), but I treat those switches as a consumable. They’re a buck on ebay.

I had some flimsy argument about why soft limits were bad, but I suspect it’s just an illustration of why I’m a terrible cnc operator. (It had something to do with it being hard to get the Z limit right for soft limits.)

i bought 10 more of them on amazon… :slight_smile:

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Not true, really the only time I crush my z-axis switch is during homing. My connection at the g-shield seems to always come loose.

Ya, that would be good option, but I heard you are more likely to get false tiggers.

Well I think I’ll have to give this a go!