A question about mdf

Once you have you final product, buy a finishing epoxy resin and seal it that way. I had investigated how I would do it before and you can either use Bondo and basically resurface the project or seal it in epoxy

Is there a consensus on best mdf sealing practices?
If so what is it? And why are the mdf wasteboards not sealed that way?

Made my first delivery of the new signs and the customer is ecstatic.
New process. (zero warping)

  1. 3/4 thick MDF
  2. Paint black enamel
  3. Spray with Stone texture
  4. Sand the green areas
  5. Paint green
  6. Spray with Minwax Polycrylic.

The point was… There was nothing of value added to the thread. You have stated that you have read 1000’s and 1000’s of posts. How many replies in a post do not add any value? You know better then anyone.
Sometimes members chime in just just to chime in…

Members like to tell people to use the search forum option… If the threads were filled with info instead of jokes maybe, just maybe a user could get to the root cause of concern.

I am not trying to be an ■■■ or jerk. I have read a ton of Robert Canning’s posts and they for the most part very helpful as well as yours. If we are going to have an honest conversation, you know as well as I that a lot of replies are not helpful. That’s just the nature of a forum I guess.

I have 6 employees. Each with a work station consisting of a cnc router, vinyl cutter and wide format printer. I have came to this forum many, many times for help and I try to leave help where I can. Time is short. I just want the facts.

BTW… The sign looks awesome!!! Great job!

One last thing… We use 3/4" Oak for the waste boards. Yes. I know. Waste of $. But it’s stable. lol

Looks fantastic! The stone texture adds a lot, nice touch.

Oh nice! Did you roll on the green? I like it.

Thank you for the complements.
I decided to use the stone texturing to hide some cutter marks, and everyone likes the look.
No, didn’t roll on the green.
It was done with a brush. (VERY time consuming)
I wish there was an easer way.

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It was done right! There is no “EASY” way to make a great product… I wish there was! lol

Great Job and I hope you charged $$$ for your hard work and dedication to doing it right.

My question was more of a summary. There was a lot of posts all with info. Anyone who know me knows my reading comprehension is OK at best. :weary:
SO what is the accepted method?

I think a simple solution would be to have a few stickies at the top of the forum with a nice index all in one place without having to sift through tons of posts and comments. Just my 2 cents.

@PhilJohnson Rule #3 Don’t feed the trolls!

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he’s talking about you.

Guys! All I asked was, what is what is the agreed upon method of treatment of mdf, and if its a good idea. It was a continuation/summation of the conversation nothing more. I’m fascinated by mdf and its properties. Anything I ever cut has mdf on it in it under it or next to it!!!

Never been blown off no matter how hard I beg! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Phil has bar none always been there to answer my questions and nearly anyone elses. We all value his jokes and opinions!

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the sign looks fantastic. keep up the good work.


Agreed. Why does the word agreed have greed in it? Because I’m jealous!

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Cancer AND Aids? My heart goes out to the inflicted. My thoughts and prayers to your thoughts and prayers.

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what the hell??? You sell SOLID OAK tables for $800 to $1200. You gotta charge moe… Solid Oak would be $1700 all day, If you do not put a value on your time, no one else will either.

forget cost.

Would you rather sell 2 tables at $1000 or one table at $1500? Only you know the answer.

All I am saying is put a value on your time and expertise. It can;t be duplicated.

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yep. you are right. It depends on WHERE the end product is being sold. A Flea Market will not get the same prices as a Craft Show. You re right.

Kumbaya . lol

I always find it hilarious when people write “your an idiot.”

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